Uncle Yau

Back in the late sixties, early seventies, in Segamat, we would leave our house and not lock the front door.

One evening, we went out to town and when we got back, the furniture in our living room was re-arranged. I remember my parents laughing about it and immediately guessing that this was the work of my mother’s cousin Ang Boon Yau, my Uncle Yau who lived just a few streets away.


Uncle Yau was skinny and handsome (I thought so) and always making silly jokes, which was probably why he and my father got on well. He and his older brother, my Uncle Hui, emigrated to Canada in the 70s. They are still there, in their 80s and late 70s now, and in quite good health.

My mother [middle] flanked by Uncle Hui [left] and Uncle Yau the Re-arranger of Furniture [right]. The kids are [from left] my uncle Sam, my sisters Christina, Beatrice and Anne, and my cousin Justin.

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