I’ve created this blog to organise stories about my family. They are mostly true stories, but I’m sure their veracity will be disputed by every one of my family members, who will each have their own version of events. The title, No, *This* is What Happened, refers to the fact that no one agrees on what actually happened, or what was said. Nevertheless, I thought it was important to write down what I knew, i.e. my take on my family’s stories.

One day, we will all be dead and these tales will die with us unless we do something about it. My children aren’t interested in the past now, but they might be later; just as how I wasn’t too interested when I was their age and how I now regret not learning more when the people who could give me answers (or at least their version of the answers) were still alive.

I know many of these stories because I spent a fair bit of my time, as a child, eavesdropping on conversations. This being the case, I concede that a lot of what I heard was without context, which must have caused me to misunderstand quite a bit. Also, some of what was shared would have been in the Hakka language (my grandmother and great-grand mother are Hakka and my mother mixed the language with English when she spoke to some people). I understand just a few Hakka words and phrases so I would have probably just filled in the blanks with guess work, inferences and assumptions, and also just plain make-believe.

So, these stories are part fiction and part fact, seen through the filter of time; based on my personal memories and impressions, and totally subjective. They are probably going to provoke some arguments and they might offend a few people, but I’m not bothered. The ones who are likely to be annoyed by my account of things past are relatives I never see and don’t like anyway.

If you stumble upon this blog, I hope you will enjoy reading these stories of my family, these ‘imagined’ histories.